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Moneyfornia, budget tracker !

Free Android application to help you manage your budget, track expenses and incomes.

This young app is community driven: vote for any feature you would like us to implement !

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Start page

Functions for new users

The first time you launch the App, you can fill the database with a few random accounts. The accounts and the transactions attached will show you how easy it is to use Moneyfornia.
You can also clean the database on this page (delete all accounts) by clicking on the cross on the top of the page

Account summary page

This is the main page of the App. You may access it by choosing "All accounts" in the dropdown action bar menu (top left of the App). All your accounts are shown here.

At the bottom of the page, you may find some important information such as the first date when a balance turns negative !

Calendar page

Each time you enter a transaction for a particular day, the App will show you the amount in this calendar View. At the top of the page, you may see the consequence of every transaction on the balance of the account by the line chart.
A red month background warns you that the balance is negative for the month.
On each day, the first number is the sum of all the transactions for the day, the second is the balance for the account at the end of that day.

Other features

New transaction

Fast transaction

By clicking on a calendar day, you will open a quick transaction window for the day
On the popup screen that appears you may enter a simple amount without any description.

Full transaction

By long holding a day on the calendar view, a more detailed window for a new transaction will appear.

Editing and account details

At the top of the screen (Action Bar) you will find options to see all the transaction of the currently chosen month.
You can edit the amounts, descriptions and delete transactions.

Account details can be also changed in the account edit screen.
You can clear all transactions or delete the account.

You can also open the full version of the new transaction window by the Action Bar icon

New accounts can be created at the main screen (All accounts screen) or in the calendar view.

Coming next !

We would like your feedback. We created a basic app and we are working on features that we think are useful.

However, we think that features that YOU, the user, need must be the best features to implement.

Please take the survey below and share your opinion by leaving us a message.

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